Monday, May 31, 2010


I have been reflecting on the workshop these last few days, and I am pleased with the turnout. Although we had a planning glitch which put the workshop on memorial weekend, our attendance numbers were satisfactory for the circumstances. Everyone that stopped by enjoyed themselves greatly and left with big smiles and holding home-ade art. These people walked out of Wriston feeling proud of themselves for accomplishing a new skill. It made me feel good knowing that people didnt regret stopping by.


Our workshop on Saturday was really fun. The people that came enjoyed not only creating art but also learning about the process. I liked seeing the different ideas that people came up with and the various levels of skill that were demonstrated. Overall it went well and what we learned from putting on this workshop will be useful when more workshops are put on in the future.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

A Successful Workshop!

So it is finally over. Yesterday was very busy day for our team members because as you were all aware, it was our Printmaking Community Workshop. For a first time student run workshop I would say it was a great success. We had close to 30 people mostly from the community who showed up and made some really cool prints for themselves and we also pulled out some prints for our permanent collection to exhibit during the grand opening of the LU Press. The look on people faces as they pull their prints was just as rewarding.

We were even very lucky to have two professors come with their children. What a good way to start off. This event has also open new doors and ways to do community outreach for next academic year and beyond. Below are some pictures taken from the event. Foe those who could not make it, we hope to see you all at our next event in the Fall.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Workshop! Workshop! Workshop!

It is finally here! The Printmaking Monoprint Workshop is happening live in the 2D studio at Wriston Art Center. In preparation for this workshop, we had a monoprint demo last week tuesday to educate the members of ThINk, LU Printmaking Club to introduce them to this print method so that they can also help out during the actual workshop.

So far, we have almost all our supplies for the workshop and also publicity on campus covered to date. There is also an advertizement in the postcrescent newspaper to reach out to Appleton community and its surrounding areas. As at now, we have about thirty confirmed guest for this workshop and many more awaiting reply. Overall, we are making progress and we encourage everyone to check it out and also tell your friends to come as well.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

One Week!

Our group's event is happening a week from Saturday. We met on Friday to touch base and make sure things were going to come together before then. Postcards and posters are in the process of being distributed and info in the Post Crescent will start running soon (if it's not already). We are getting supplies together and figuring out how much we need to purchase. Early this week we'll be meeting with Ben to finalize planning for the event as well as discuss the press.

In other news, we worked with Gary this week on our budget. Our expenses are under $100 which means we haven't needed to seek money outside of the class fund.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Dean Pertl: Ceasing Opportunities

It is always good to hear from very inspiring individuals who share their career goals and also great a platform for one to realize their own goals and passion. Through the course of this class, passion as been the "key Word".

I like the fact that Dean Pertl is a unique individual in terms of his career path. With a music degree and working with Microsoft is what he describe as "ceasing opportunites". Making the best out of the all opportunites that uncails itself to us is what makes would help us to excel in our career path.

Having a plan for one's could also help in the decisions and actions that would lead us to the palces we want to in life. Although one's plan may change, yet it gives you the guidelines and signals that keeps us on track. Dean Pertl is a great educator and an inspiring person who is sharing his ideas and talent with his community and being a role model.


I contacted the Post-Crescent today and they will be publishing an advertisement for our workshop in their community events section. The Post-Crescent advertises community events for free. I called Tri-City Glass in Appleton today and they will be supplying our glass for about $60. Thats our largest cost for the event.